Monday, June 14, 2010

King Arthur gluten-free muffin mix

The King Arthur gluten-free muffin mix was easy to make, and required similar ingredients as most boxed mixes. It mixed well, transferred well into the muffin tins and only baked for about 20 minutes.
Their muffin mix features a hint of vanilla, a touch of nutmeg. It says it makes a dozen light, tender, high-rising muffins, but I found I got a few more muffins if I did not over fill the muffin tins. It is just the muffin mix and you are encouraged to add in your own fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, or chocolate chips.
These muffins were light and fluffy and riddled with blueberries that we had added. They were fantastic right out of the oven, but just as good the following day for breakfast.  I was really impressed with the texture and the flavor of King Arthur's gluten-free muffin mixKing Arthur gluten-free mixes were given to our family to review.  I was very skeptical with the mixes before I tried using them, but so far have loved each one that I have tried.  I still prefer to make my muffins from scratch, but in a pinch they really seem to hit the spot.

If you can not find King Arthur gluten-free mixes in your local grocer click here for a letter to give to them.

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